Toby, an eight year King Charles Cavalier, was found to have a large cancerous tumor in his mouth. Surgery wasn't an option.

His loving owner immediately started putting freshly prepared Aloe vera gel into his soft-meat meals.

After just three days the vet noticed the tumor had shrunk. A few days later Toby's owner forgot to put the fresh Aloe vera gel into Toby's food, and was surprised to discover he would not eat it.

After chopping some Aloe vera gel into the food, Toby went over to his bowl straight away, and gobbled it all up! What's clear to see, is that dogs instinctively know when something they eat is healing their body.

We've all seen dogs and cats chewing on field grass when they have an upset tummy. They know the nutrients and vitamins in the green grassy leaves will settle their stomach.

Aloe vera, being a herb which is high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, really does help the immune system in many ways.