One day, Maxine forgot how small she really is, and was viciously attacked by another, much bigger dog.

She received two large wounds - one on her neck, the other on her chest.

The openings started to fester with infection almost straight away.

But, by placing freshly washed and cut Aloe vera leaves over her wounds - sealed with bandages - she healed quite quickly.

By day three we could see the infection was nearly all gone. The outer part of the wounds gained a lovely healthy pink colour and started to shrink.

By day ten, the wounds were much smaller, and because the Aloe vera gel was keeping the wound wet there was no scab.

By day fourteen, there was minimal scaring and no signs of infection. Maxine is now an expert at ripping off her own bandages and hiding the evidence in the couch cushions.

She has amazed everyone at showing us how we can fully recover from more than one life-threatening ordeal. And it's all thanks to Aloe vera.

WARNING: Please note that these pictures might be disturbing to some readers.