My hands were feeling stiff and the joints in my fingers were swelling and becoming very sore.

My mother has had osteo-arthritis in her hands for many years, so I knew what I was in for.

Then, when my dog Maxine was diagnosed with really bad arthritis, I thought, well this a chance to try making a real difference for both of us.

We both started drinking the juice made by blending freshly cut Aloe vera for most days of the weeks ahead. I found my arthritis was gone by the sixth month.

My dog's arthritis was far worse, so it took much longer to get rid of it for her.

In the beginning I would carry Maxine down to our beach and let her sit with me to watch the kids playing in the water and sand. This, I am sure, encouraged her to want to get better, as it is her favourite place.

After a few months she was walking a little better, and not finding it so hard to step out of a deep footprint in the sand. It was just too hard for her to do before, as lifting her legs was very painful.

By twelve months, her leg joints were back to normal and the pain was completely gone. We have both been arthritis-free for seven years, and by having Aloe vera regularly to boost the immune system, I am happy to say our bones are in much better condition than they used to be.