While Tom was away for the weekend, two of his horses were savagely attacked by dogs.

The vet took one look at the two injured animals, and recommended they both be euthanized by lethal injection.

One horse had a broken fetlock and really did have to be put down, while the other was still very much alive with a large chunk of skin torn from her chest.

So he got to work. Every day, he coated the injury in a penicillin and fresh Aloe vera paste. Within just a few weeks it healed, and the horse was soon looking great again with minimal scaring and no loss of hair.

Tom has used fresh Aloe vera from his garden, to help his horses with all kinds of health issues over the years. He has found that Aloe vera heals the wounds in half the amount of time than without it.

"It's also a great sun-block on their noses, and an insect-repellant for their face and ears," says Tom.