Fancy, a little black miniature schnauzer, was terribly sick. So on the Monday morning, Sharon decided to take her to see the vet.

Fancy was bleeding from the bowel, and the vet did not have much hope for her, but he ran some tests anyway.

They put her on an IV-drip to prevent dehydration as she had been poorly all weekend with diarrhoea, vomiting, and general lethargy. The tests all came back negative, but Fancy still seemed miserable, listless and was avoiding her food.

Sharon decided to make up some boiled brown rice, and put some freshly blended Aloe vera juice into the rice water once it cooled. Several times throughout the day, she encouraged Fancy to drink some of it. That evening, Fancy was well enough to eat the rice mixed with the gel.

Fancy rested well that night, and by the next day, she was back to eating her usual dog food.