Cookin' for Cures is my seventh book. It is doctor-endorsed, and it helps people learn how to use the Aloe vera plant in their food, drinks and topically for themselves and their pets.

Research has been done on the plant for over 30 years by many scientist and doctors. Many of the findings are also mentioned in the book. It helps give everyone a better understanding of how to use this truly amazing herb that many of us have growing in our gardens.

While doing talks with hundreds of different groups, I have heard many people say, "When I am seeing my doctor, and I ask what else can I do at home to help assist the healing process, the doctor usually says, I don't know."

This book helps people to help themselves at home while seeing their doctor. So they feel more of a sense of control in gaining good health again.

You can purchase this book in print or e-book formats via my website, @

The first fifteen pages helps everyone to understand more about the plant, and how to use it in the easiest and best ways possible.

I wish everyone all the best of health.
Angie Andrews
International Award-Winning Author and Editor of Healthy Living with Aloe Vera.