We all have bacteria, fungus and other germs in our bodies. The mouth is the main gateway for these things to to get inside us.

As our pets get older, their teeth are one of the main sources of health issues. This is due to the fact that we don't brush their teeth regularly enough for them.

Maxine, now 18 years old, has many bad rotting teeth that are causing her gums to ulcerate and give her a very sore jaw.

I took her to the vet who said, she was too old to have them pulled out. The main concern with older pets, is that it's possible they will not wake up after the anesthetic. So, he gave me some antibiotics instead. I crushed and mixed them with fresh Aloe vera gel, then syringed the paste into her mouth. In only three days , the ulcers were gone.

I wish I had brushed her teeth with Aloe vera more. She has always hated it - attacking and biting at the toothbrush when I try - so sadly I haven’t done it very often.